in-factory Geschäftsführer an der Ladestation in Böblingen

in-factory-CEOs at the new charging station (from left to right): Urban Wymann, Gerald Weber und Erich Schlotterer.

It’s getting green at in-factory! Another charging station for electric vehicles in Böblingen

The global move towards to electro mobility is rocky and filled with hurdles. But we are sure that electric vehicles will only be successful if everyone pulls together. Let’s go!

In addition to the existing charging station at our headquarters in Tagelswangen – another charging point in Böblingen put into operation. In this way, we offer our employees a convenient way to refuel electricity – directly at the workplace.

For in-factory, this is another “green” step in the right direction. Because sustainability also means to take responsibility: Not only for the company, but also for human beings and the environment.