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This week we’re on the Informatica World Tour, the leader in enterprise cloud data management. In keeping with that, we’re giving you a brief introduction to Informatica upgrades in today’s blog article.

What is meant by an Informatica upgrade?

An Informatica upgrade is an upgrade of the existing software version to a higher and/ or newer version. An upgrade always consists of a server upgrade and a client upgrade.

To identify the current Informatica version, you need access to the Informatica Administrator. Here you can see the current used version via Help > About Informatica Administrator.

Why an Informatica upgrade is necessary:

An Informatica upgrade may be necessary for a variety of reasons, for example:
– Expiration of support for operating system (OS), databases, etc.
– Connection of new sources, such as databases, that are not supported in the current version.
– Expiration of product support (end of life) on the part of Informatica.

Preparations and Resources

In this chapter, the corresponding resources on the part of the manufacturer are to be listed. These contain the information for a pending upgrade.


The Informatica-Network is the first point of contact for documentation, support etc. on the part of the manufacturer Informatica. All sorts of information about the relevant products can be obtained here.

Access Informatica Network

Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

For each software version, the PAM contains important information about the compatibility of the individual software components with each other. Access is via the Informatica network. A corresponding account is required here.

Access PAM

Informatica Knowledge Base (KB)

The KB is a knowledge base and contains solutions to product-specific problems as well as information on common product issues.

Access Knowledge Base

End of Life (EoL) documents

The manufacturer Informatica defines so-called “End of Life” guidelines for its product lines. These determine at what point a certain product is no longer supported, i.e. it goes “End of Life”.

These documents are important for planning the latest time for an upgrade. The product will continue to function after the corresponding date, but the manufacturer will no longer provide any support.

At this point it should also be mentioned again that the manufacturer offers the option “Extended Support”. However, this option is usually very costly.

Product documents:

The product documents contain helpful information as well as instructions for the corresponding product solutions.

Access Informatica documents

We’ll continue in 2 weeks with more info on Informatica upgrades!

Author: Sven Benzing


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