in-factory: Jubiläum 25 Jahre

Happy Birthday: 25 Years in-factory

Happy Birthday to us! Our quarter century!

9125 days, 300 months, 25 years – yes, that’s been a very long time. In fact, everything started in the mid-1990s – with the first joint project of the young computer scientists Urban, Gerald und Erich: A complementary team. A perfect cooperation. A really good result! The vision of a joint company was born. And on 5th May 1996 they started with Tri-W-Data (later: in-factory). A converted garage in Winterthur became literally a “germ cell” of the long-standing corporate success. At least since Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Google we know that a company can “drift the most magnificent flowers” there… our Company has been growing and thriving for a quarter century now: 25 Great Years in-factory!

Because of Corona muddle we almost lost our 25th Birthday…but only almost. Nevertheless, Corona is slowing us down this year. Thus, we postponed our planned Anniversary Road Show – through Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Zurich – to Summer 2022. But we’re already sure that we will have great time again. In any case, we’re really looking forward to it.