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With our agile and forward-looking methods, we control your data and help you to use it efficiently and, above all, profitably.

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Today, developers and operators of data warehouse architectures must be able to react flexibly to extensions. Often they face a particular challenge, but it can be handled easily – with the right method and toolset to implement the extensions adequately and efficiently. At best, to start such a project, but at the latest at this point, it makes sense to pursue agile development approaches. A diverse, constantly expanding toolset, such as DataVault 2.0, helps to reduce the complexity and thus increase the development speed. Organisationally, the development processes must be embedded in appropriate project management.

Methoden: Data Vault

Data Vault 2.0

The future-oriented design of information systems requires a flexible and scalable architecture. Data Vault 2.0 offers not only this architecture, but also a pattern-based modeling approach and consistent methodology that will accompany our clients from conception to implementation.

Data Vault

Get well-prepared for the future.

Benefit from our Expert-Knowledge in Data Vault. Our certified consultants are always there for you.

Overview of advantages:

  • Guarantee agile and adjustable structural extensions
  • Chronological and comprehensible setup

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Methoden: agiles ETL

Agile ETL

Agile software development has gained full acceptance. This is not surprising, because agile methodology enables us to react and adapt to changes more quickly. Especially ETL solutions are a great benefit, because they are much easier and faster.

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Methoden: Projektmanagement

Project management

From the planning to the management and control of your data – we can advise you from A to Z. Our highly-qualified experts visit your company premises, working intensively until your data are structured. This way you always keep an overview of all relevant processes, even in complex company structures.

Data Vault

Working methods:

  • Support/visualization of complex job networks
  • Tranparent representation of business processes
  • Central job-scheduling on distributed systems
  • Variable scheduling and job-monitoring
  • Optimal utilisation of shared resources
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in-factory-Tools: Make data integration more efficient.

infactory Schweiz: Tools Datenintegration

Data supply processes should be robust, repeatable and reliable. The request for a quick customization, which must necessarily work reliably, probably knows every data integration project. Such requirements have been and will always be brought to our attention in our everyday project life, which motivated us to develop the supporting tools Gen², Job² und Doc².