Practical Tools: Make data integration more efficient.

Data integration projects are not only time-consuming, but can also quickly become confusing. That’s why we developed the practical tools Gen², Job² and Doc².

Data integration. Easy. Let’s do IT.

Data integration projects are often faced with increasingly complex requirements. For example, new data sources should be quickly connected to existing solutions, data must be readily available, high data quality and flexibility in terms of adaptability are beyond question. In addition, the data supply processes should be robust, repeatable and reliable. Probably every data integration project knows the request for quick customization, which must necessarily work reliably. Such requirements have been and will always be brought to our attention in our everyday project life, which motivated us to develop the supporting tools Gen², Job² und Doc²powerful and practical Tools, which resulted from our more than 20 years of experience.

infactory-Logo JOB2

Job Orchestration Backbone

Job² is a slim and very efficient tool solution for process orchestration.

Infografik: Job²

One powerful Solution. Many benefits

  • Efficient setup, operation and monitoring of a complete solution for process orchestration
  • Real alternative to expensive and often oversized scheduling solutions (Open Source & license free)
  • Complete decoupling of scheduling from subsystems ensures stability and interchangeability at all times
  • Complete definition and configuration of job control via a DB-based, complete historical repository
  • Control of the process control through a compact set of procedures
  • Flexibility in functional extension and configuration
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Documentation in Sync anytime

Doc² ensures that your documentation is always in sync with the artefacts developed. Documentations can be create on the basis of Powercenter- and Control-M-Objects.

Infografik: Doc²

Doc² generates source code and documentation based on the following artifacts:


  • Description
  • Workflow Parameter
  • Session Parameter
  • Mapping
  • Mapping Sources (+Details)
  • Mapping Targets (+Details)
  • Mapplets
  • Transformations


  • Description
  • Job-Parameter
  • In/Out-Conditions
  • Resources
  • Script-Configuration
  • Infa-Configuration
  • Mapplets
  • AFT-Configuration
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Generate Information Value

Gen² ² is a tool that automatically generates source code and documentation from templates and metadata. The tool merges template and metadata (e.g., source and target information) and yields the source code or ETL-process.

Gen² can be used for generating Informatica mappings as follows:

Infografik: Gen²


  • Ideal for generating:

    • Informatica mappings and workflows
    • Control-M job networks
    • SQL scripts
    • XML data and documentation
  • Functionality is developed once and used many times
  • Generally applicable wherever a template can be defined