Nachhaltigkeit - Vegetarische Arbeitswoche bei in-factory

Our latest project on sustainability

At in-factory, sustainability does not only take place on paper, but is also lived. This year, in-factory is launching several small projects with which we would like to effectively establish the idea of sustainability in the minds of our colleagues.

Our first action took place from Monday, May 09, 2022 to Friday, May 12, 2022: Our “vegetarian working week”!

The idea “Go vegan for one week” was brought to the sustainability team by our colleagues. We modified the rules a bit to make the circle of participants as big as possible. We adjusted the “week” to a “working week” – i.e. 5 days instead of 7 – and added “vegetarian” to the “vegan”. In addition, the request was that the products should ideally be seasonal and regional. Participation was voluntary.

Participation was higher than expected – almost a third took part and gave up meat for a working week, and almost half of them ate exclusively vegan products. In the selected pictures, you can get an idea of what made it on our plates during this week.

We have received mainly positive feedback to our action. Some colleagues have already given up meat, others found it easier than they thought to give up meat, and still others would rather not change their habits. Of course, the effort at the home office was somewhat higher, especially if one wanted to eat fresh, seasonal products from the region. In order to get through the vegetarian work week at home as efficiently as possible, we had already discussed the simplest possible menus in advance. At the customer’s canteen or in restaurants, there was of course no need to cook for ourselves, but there was a sufficiently large menu selection in the vegetarian sector.

On the bottom line, the feedback and participation were very positive. You can achieve a lot with little change. We will certainly repeat this action – then perhaps also with a common cook evening, at which we can still extend our vegetarian cook arts.

At this point, many thanks to all colleagues who participated!