Unser Herzensprojekt: Gemeinschaftsgarten

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Sustainability starts in the garden: our project with Fortuna

in-factory GmbH supports the community garden project run by the Fortuna youth association in Kassel, where children and young people can develop their creative skills and learn important life skills. At the start of the project, the beds were planted for the first time in April 2023 and the children and young people were able to learn a lot about nature in the process. But gardening wasn't the only thing on the agenda: they also cooked and ate together.

Sustainable commitment in action!

Last week, we took the opportunity to support our sustainability project on site. We pitched in together and were able to help with gardening, cooking and watering the freshly planted trees.

The community garden has turned out really well, with an abundance of different vegetables and lots of interesting information. We were particularly impressed by the area buffet, which illustrates how much m² of planting area is needed for a burger with fries.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Fortuna. Together we are shaping a greener future! 💚

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