What is more sustainable than cycling to work?

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"By bike to the customer and even further" - an interesting experience report

"Sometimes you just have to be brave for 20 seconds!" is what I think to myself when I have the moment to pass my own car on my bike. Of course, it's more comfortable in a car, the seat is warmer and the destination is reached more quickly. But isn't it also great on a bike: no stop-and-go in rush-hour traffic, no traffic jams, lots of exercise and always a fresh breeze around your nose! That's why some of my colleagues and I always choose to cycle to work. Our Böblingen office even has an office e-bike for this purpose.

Two situations in my working life:

Situation 1: My current client is about 12 kilometers away from my home and no matter when I go there by car, the roads are always congested and looking for a parking space is no fun. A clear case for the bike! As difficult as it is for me to cycle past my own car, it's just as easy for me to cycle past the columns of cars on the cycle paths. And the weather: it (almost) doesn't matter - there's the right clothing for everything.

Situation 2: Last October, I cycled to our company workshop (distance: approx. 110km). Of course, I set off a little earlier than my colleagues who live a similar distance away, but I cycled there relaxed ;-). I brought my luggage to a colleague in advance, who took it for me, so it was a nice ride to work.

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