Sustainability is the focus at in-factory.

In today's world, it is essential for companies to act in a socially sustainable and environmentally friendly way, especially in the energy-intensive IT sector. A holistic approach enables positive changes in energy efficiency, employee health and satisfaction and contributes to environmental protection and social justice. Our goal is to create a sustainable IT company together. We cordially invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

The "vegetarian working week"

Our latest project on the subject of sustainability At in-factory, sustainability is not just something that is written on paper, but something we live by. This year, we are launching several small projects to effectively promote the idea of sustainability in the minds of...

Girls’Day – Wir machen mit!

As part of our sustainability initiative, we are not only committed to the climate and the environment, but also to social and societal issues. Discrimination and disadvantage are an absolute taboo at in-factory and equal opportunities are a top priority.

Sustainability at in-factory

Sustainability: what it means to us and what we do to achieve it. The first thought will immediately be about ecology. This is of course an important part of the topic, but there is much more to it. Responsible use of resources, the environment and...

What is more sustainable than cycling to work?

"Cycling to the customer and beyond" - an interesting experience report "Sometimes you just have to be brave for 20 seconds!" is what I think to myself when I have the moment to cycle past my own car. Of course, with a car...

A sustainable future @in-factory

It's going green at in-factory! More charging stations for electric vehicles in Böblingen The global step towards electromobility is rocky and full of hurdles. As long as everyone is talking about sustainability, in-factory has decided to simply act. We are...

J. P. Morgan Lauf – wir waren dabei!

Simply gigantic! 5.6 kilometers across the city of Frankfurt! Fun and fitness for a good cause! On June 12, the starting signal was given for the legendary J. P. Morgan Run in Frankfurt am Main - the largest company run in the world. And the team from...

Sustainability as a goal

The technology sector has a high energy consumption, which is being reduced by responsible companies with energy-efficient solutions. The use of modern technologies makes it possible to optimize energy consumption and automate processes.

Employee health is crucial in a socially sustainable IT company. Promoting physical and mental health increases productivity and employee loyalty to the company. We support this by promoting health programs and flexible working hours for a healthy work-life balance and supporting a healthy lifestyle.