MicroStrategy World 2022 - Part 1

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MicroStrategy World 2022 took place at the beginning of February. Our BI experts Aleksandar Cupic and Felix Hoffacker were there and share their experiences with you here. The two-day online event covered two thematic blocks: Agenda Analytics and, in parallel, Bitcoin for Corporations.

Over 80 presentations and information blocks were offered across the entire spectrum, as well as five workshops on the second day.

In this section, we would like to give a brief overview of the introductory session (keynotes) and the event.

The topics of the first day were:

Day 1 topics: Thought leadership, success stories, modern analytics, embedded analytics, cloud analytics, end-to-end solutions

The following topics were presented on the second day:

Topics Day 2: Retails Solutions, Financial Services Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Public Sector Solutions, OEM Solutions, What's New, Workshops

The three award winners were announced and presented in the opening session. The categories and winners are: Global Business Impact Award Winner - Schwarz Group; Innovation Award Winner - NICE; Intelligent Enterprise - Sainsbury's.

Agenda Analytics

The 4 Transformations of Analytics Modernizations were also presented:

  1. From Dashboards to Business Applications -> Library, Dossier, Workstations (To Many Reports, Dossiers-Discussions and Data Dives, Sainsbury's Transformation Story)
  2. From Analysts to Everyone -> Hyperintelligence - Federated Analytics (Data Where & When You Need It, Driving Smart Shopping, Incorporating Hyperintelligence)
  3. From Development to Composability -> Embedding SDK, playground (Creating a Competitive Edge, New Revenue Streams, How NICE CXone Leverages)
  4. From Vertical to Horizontal -> Trust with Semantic Layer, Personalized Analytics Experiences, Data Protection + Security (Understanding the Enterprise Value, Slim Cube Design, Top Trends)

Bitcoin for Corporations 

The second keynote covered the topic of Bitcoin for Corporations

An interview with Jack Dorsey (CEO Block Inc.) and Michael J. Saylor (CEO MicroStrategy) about the role, future and potential impact of Bitcoin on the world and society.

Three questions were asked and discussed: What does Bitcoin...

  1. for the world,
  2. for Block Inc,
  3. and for companies?

The source and operations of Bitcoin are open and transparent, and therefore accessible to anyone in the world. This unique advantage allows a company like Block Inc. as a software and hardware product developer to evolve into a service provider for small businesses and individuals. It enables monetary transactions between buyers and sellers directly, without the need for an intermediary such as banks with their guidelines and restrictions, as is usually the case.

This interview, the individual presentations mentioned and more will be available on-demand on the MicroStrategy website after the event. Link: https://www.microstrategy.com/en/resources/events/world-2022

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