From on-premise to the cloud: modernization and transformation with Informatica

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In today's digital era, the Transformation towards cloud-based solutions at the heart of many companies. This topic is the focus of our Data Excellence Month in February Daniel Weberour expert for cloud migration and transformation with Informatica.

Daniel will not only give us insights into the challenges and solutions of migration projects, but also shed light on specific aspects of migration with Informatica Cloud Data Integration (CDI) and the use of the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).

Transformation and modernization with Informatica

Welcome to Data Excellence Month February! Daniel, you are our expert on Informatica and cloud migration. Could you start by giving us an overview of the challenges of cloud migrations?

Daniel: With pleasure. Migration projects to the cloud are complex and require thorough analysis and planning. We at in-factory have extensive experience in this area, especially in dealing with 'PowerCenter to CDI' projects. The duration of a migration project to the cloud depends on various factors, such as the size of the system to be migrated and the complexity of the data. At in-factory, we draw on our extensive experience to create realistic timelines and make the migration as efficient as possible. An important aspect is employee support. We prepare teams for the migration or transformation, especially for 'PowerCenter to CDI' projects. An agile approach has proven to be very effective here.

What specific solutions does in-factory GmbH offer for these processes?

Daniel: We have developed a special generator that enables the automation of certain aspects of migration, which saves time and money. Our customers also benefit from our experience from various projects. Each project provides new insights that we incorporate into future projects, especially when carrying out analyses and developing migration strategies. When calculating costs, we take into account that partial migrations are often necessary in a 'PowerCenter to CDI' project.

Can you tell us more about the specific aspects of migration and PowerCenter to IDMC, in particular how in-factory GmbH can support in this area?

Daniel: At in-factory, we are proud to be one of the first providers in the DACH region to be certified as 'Cloud Migration Ready'. We support our customers not only with our experience from initial projects and a proof of concept in the IDMC, but also with our certified and proven experience with the RPA Utility, a specialized migration solution for PowerCenter to CDI. As part of the 'Migration Ready' certification, we carried out internal projects to analyze the possibilities and options of Informatica's migration solution. All the knowledge we gained from this and our many years of experience with Informatica PowerCenter flow directly into our customers' projects.

Daniel, what would you recommend to companies that have to decide between on-premise and cloud?

Daniel: We analyze the customer's environment and identify potential and opportunities. It is crucial to understand whether the existing environment is suitable for migration or whether sub-processes in the cloud make more sense. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink principles and enable a paradigm shift. The decision as to whether processes should remain on-premise, especially if they are load-intensive and highly secure, or whether they can be moved to the cloud, must be carefully weighed up. Real-time data processing and integration versus batch processing play an important role here.

Are there other aspects that companies should consider?

Daniel: Yes, the integration of existing software and the selection of the right tools are crucial. We are happy to help with tool selection and offer advice based on our many years of experience. The question of whether existing databases should be transferred to the cloud or whether a data catalog could be interesting for the environment is also important. The importance of data governance solutions should not be forgotten.

A future outlook at the end: What's next for in-factory GmbH in terms of migration and transformation projects?

Daniel: Our next goal is to gain extensive project experience in the area of PowerCenter to CDI and to continue and successfully complete the IDMC projects we have already started. We at in-factory are ready to support our customers on their journey into the cloud world and to realize successful projects together!

Thank you very much for the great interview!

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