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For internal projects, we use the Trello tool, which is intended not only to improve self-organization within the team, but also to make work more agile. Furthermore, Trello implements the Scrum model, such as the good visualization of Scrum artifacts.

Trello is a flexible, straightforward and visual task management tool. The tool helps the team to manage their projects, organize tasks and promote collaboration. To increase productivity, the team is offered to set up and customize workflows for all cases.

In Trello, a board is used that helps to have an overview of the project with the corresponding tasks. The board can be subdivided into different sections that show the different phases of a project, such as To Do - Doing - Done. In addition, the board can be adapted to individual requirements. Every team member can access the board and communication is encouraged, e.g. through the comments section. Updates to the board are made in real time. Cards can be created for each sub-area. These represent the tasks. The cards can be moved between the various sub-areas using drag and drop and display the current status of the tasks. Tasks can, for example, be assigned to individual team members, have a due date, be subdivided into subtasks that are defined in the form of checklists.

Example project in a Trello board

Other possibilities that Trello offers are, for example:

  • Add attachments to the cards
  • Label cards (green for developers)
  • Integrate services and apps (e.g. Slack, Jira etc.)
  • Automate the tasks

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