Shaping the future: Our goals for 2024

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Welcome to a new year full of opportunities and innovations at in-factory GmbH!

As we look back on a successful 2023, in which we achieved important milestones in employee development, customer satisfaction and technological partnerships, we are now turning our attention to the exciting challenges and goals that 2024 has in store for us.

Let's take a look together at how we are setting the course for a successful future and what this means for our customers, partners and employees. Simply click on the respective headings to find out more about the individual areas.


Our goals for 2024:



Promoting team development and communication
Last year, we successfully introduced various initiatives to promote employee communication and optimize our HR processes. By establishing the role of HR Business Partner, we have provided initial impetus. In addition, our employees have access to trusted individuals as permanent contacts who support the communication landscape within the company.

We have also worked with external communications agencies in our workshops. We have recognized that corporate communication is not an isolated measure, but an ongoing process that we must continuously maintain and improve. Our annual meetings with employees have confirmed this. There is potential here that we would like to develop and tap into this year.

Our goals in the area of employee communication are clearly defined:

  • The focus is on promoting commitment within the company.
  • Despite growth, we will maintain a culture of open communication, both at customer level and between management and employees, as well as from employees to management.
  • Transparency is a key concern for us, which is why we hold regular quarterly meetings in which the management shares topics and project progress with the workforce.
  • Individual discussions remain an important part of our practice.
  • Our "Policy of Open Doors" is a fundamental value and is actively practiced in our corporate culture.
  • In 2024, we plan to incorporate feedback situations even more regularly in order to further strengthen internal communication.
  • Of course, we will continue our annual workshops in spring and late summer this year, as they are of great importance for the valuable exchange and dialog within our company.
Informatica Cloud (IDMC) and Snowflake - new projects supported by innovation technologies
In an era where data drives the engine of growth and innovation, the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape is critical.

For over three decades, in-factory GmbH has been a data expert, helping companies to shape data strategies, optimize databases and develop data architectures in a wide range of industries.

Last year marked a milestone as we continued to expand our expertise to meet future requirements. We not only invested in certifying our employees in cloud technologies, migration strategies and architecture strategies, but also integrated new technologies such as Snowflake, Informatica and Aparavi into our repertoire.

The reality we are confronted with is multifaceted: some of our customers, especially in the emerging start-up sector, consistently rely on cloud-only strategies, while hybrid architectures dominate in the enterprise environment. This is precisely where our strength lies - in our ability to combine our many years of experience in data management, data integration, IT and architecture consulting with the dynamic world of the cloud. We not only bring three decades of extensive knowledge to the table, but also the innovative strength and expertise in the latest technologies. This combination enables us to provide optimum support to existing customers and at the same time discuss forward-looking strategies and business models with new customers.

Our confidence in the future lies not only in our efforts, but also in our investments in employees and partnerships with pioneering technology companies. We are confident that these resources will help us to continue to shape the IT landscapes of our customers in the region. We firmly believe that the future of data management lies in the combination of proven experience and innovative adaptability.

With us, companies from the B2B environment find precisely this combination - a connection that is destined to lead companies into a data-driven future.

Expansion of the business field in Switzerland

Switzerland, a country with a rich tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, remains an attractive location for many companies. In the midst of this dynamic landscape, our company stands as an example of the success that is possible in this environment. As a Swiss-based company, we see ourselves not only as part of this vibrant community, but also as a driving force for change and progress. With half of our workforce actively working here, we have focused on pioneering projects in the banking environment in recent years. But our ambitions go further. Our goal for the coming year is to expand our sphere of influence and focus more on projects in the SME sector and other industries. This is undoubtedly a challenge, as we do not have our own local sales organization and have so far operated organically on the market.

To take this step, we rely on partnerships. Working with local partners enables us to develop customized projects and offer our expertise to the market. Our main focus is on supporting companies in Switzerland to improve their data strategies and develop forward-looking business models. Our strengths lie particularly in the areas of IT consulting, data integration and data management, allowing potential clients to benefit from our established experience.

As a local Swiss company, we are proud to be part of this innovation landscape. Our close collaboration with technology partners enables us to drive innovation within different business areas. We are determined to strengthen our roots in Switzerland and look forward to stimulating discussions and collaborating on new projects that add value to the Swiss economy.

Our commitment and passion for innovation make us a strong partner for companies looking for forward-looking solutions. We are ready to embark on this journey together and continue to establish Switzerland as a leading location for entrepreneurial development.

Further strengthening technology partnerships
Technology partnerships are essential to our business model. Last year, we achieved enormous success with our partners. The collaboration was extremely successful and varied, from acquiring new customers to piloting new technologies. Joint events such as the Data Community Days and Business Breakfasts have not only promoted exchange, but also highlighted new opportunities.

Our collaborations also included conceptual work with our customers as well as the development and expansion of strategies and architectures. We will continue to adhere to our partner strategy this year and expand it further.

Our goal for this year is to drive innovation and develop strategies that not only increase customer satisfaction, but also ensure the success of our projects. We are always driven by the business models of the future. We are proud to have strong and innovative partners at our side, such as Informatica, Snowflake, Oracle, Aparavi and Splunk.

We are convinced that close cooperation with our partners is the key to our future and yours.


We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and are ready to drive innovation and write our customers' success stories together.

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