The revolution in cloud technology with Snowflake

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Welcome to our "Data Excellence Month", a platform where we present insights and best practices from our experts every month. In January, we start with an exciting journey of discovery into the world of data and cloud technologies.

This month's focus is on Christian Schmitt, our Cloud Solution Manager and Data Excellence Expert. Last year, he successfully built our Snowflake team from the ground up and led it to SnowPro Core certification. This month, he shares his extensive knowledge of Snowflake with us.

Snowflake - A revolution in data processing

Welcome to our "Data Excellence Month January" at in-factory GmbH. Christian, this month you are our expert on the topic of Snowflake. Can you start by explaining the special features of Snowflake?

Christian: Of course. Snowflake is unique in its ability to enable multi-cloud data integration. It interacts seamlessly with different cloud environments and offers flexible data management across multiple providers. Snowflake's architecture is divided into three independent layers - storage, compute and services - which enables scalable and efficient data processing.

What about data security and efficiency at Snowflake?

Christian: With "Secure Data Sharing", Snowflake offers a secure way of sharing data between different organizations. The special feature here is that this is done without data duplication, which saves costs and simplifies collaboration. Another important feature is micro-partitioning, which splits data into extremely small partitions, increasing query speed and performance.

And how does Snowflake affect data management and analysis?

Christian: Snowflake supports multi-format data analytics, which means that it enables the processing of different data formats, including structured and unstructured data. This contributes significantly to agile and efficient data processing. Snowflake also offers the time-travel function, which enables access to historical data and provides robust failsafe mechanisms.

The future lies in the cloud

What role will cloud technology play in the future? And how is in-factory GmbH positioning itself in this area?

Christian: Cloud technology is more than just a trend; it is a decisive factor for the future of the business world. It enables companies to store, process and access large amounts of data efficiently. This is crucial at a time when data volumes and complexity are constantly increasing. At in-factory GmbH, we offer a wide range of expertise in cloud solutions, from IDMC with Informatica to hybrid and migration solutions. We have specialized in developing individual complete solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

At in-factory GmbH, we are ready to shape the future of corporate IT together with our customers.

Thank you very much for the exciting interview!



Your entry into the cloud: with Snowflake and in-factory at your side

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