Shaping the future with Snowflake: Our path to cloud excellence

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Since the middle of this year, we have been a proud partner of Snowflake! Under the leadership of our Cloud Solution Manager Christian Schmitt, we have built up a full team of six experienced data warehouse consultants. The team is currently preparing intensively for Snowflake certification, with the aim of being SnowPro Core-certified by the end of 2023.

Our vision: Experience meets innovation

Our strategy is rooted in our many years of experience and expertise in the data warehouse environment, which we have built up over almost three decades. Our experience enables us to anticipate trends and changes in this area and respond to them proactively. Close collaboration with our customers plays a key role in this, as it provides us with valuable feedback and insights into their needs and requirements. In recent years, this exchange has motivated us to increasingly develop cloud and hybrid strategies as well as business models in the data warehouse sector. Last year, we launched a cloud initiative, which was implemented in close cooperation with our technology partner Informatica, to support our customers in migrating and integrating their data into the cloud. With our partnership with Snowflake, we are striving to achieve similar goals.

A strategic step for future-oriented solutions

As Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse platform tailored to the modern enterprise and is also a partner of Informatica, it was a clear decision for us to enter into this partnership. The move to work with Snowflake gives us the opportunity to drive forward our strategic direction and the expansion of our ecosystem. This development is by no means surprising, but rather the logical consequence of pooling our resources and synergies in this area. Our "in-factory" services and our decades of experience in the data warehouse and data management environment create a unique combination from which both Snowflake and Informatica customers will benefit significantly. This collaboration will allow us to better support our customers with their data management needs and provide innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing requirements of today's organizations.

Our strategy is based on a combination of many years of experience, continuous customer feedback, partnerships with technology companies and a clear focus on the requirements of the future in the data warehouse environment. This enables us to constantly offer our customers innovative solutions and services that support them in their own digital transformation.

Our goal: Optimal support for the DACH market

With Snowflake at our side, we are relying on a highly scalable cloud data warehouse solution that perfectly meets the specific requirements of the DACH market, whether in SMEs or in enterprise environments. Our aim is to act as a kind of extended workbench for companies in the region and support them in successfully transforming their data into the cloud. We are convinced that we will be implementing innovative projects and writing further success stories together with Snowflake as early as 2024.

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