Summer, sun, company event: excursion to a magical natural paradise

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Summer, sun, fun and pure nature! A very special summer event!

Nestled in an enchanting natural paradise and surrounded by sun-drenched vineyards - right at the foot of the beautiful Kaiserstuhl. The ideal setting for this year's summer event and "naturally" in line with our sustainable company philosophy.

Experiencing together unites! We once again had a great company family event with an exciting adventure hike and lots of fun activities such as archery and quad biking. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious meal in the open air, accompanied by a glass of fine wine.

It goes without saying that our event took place in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations. Nevertheless, we once again had an unforgettable, enjoyable time in great company. True to the motto: "Safety first" but don't forget to celebrate.

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