Cycling on a new level: in-factory brings JobRad into play

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For many people, cycling is not only a popular means of transportation, but also a source of pleasure and a sporting challenge. At in-factory, we introduced the JobRad offer a few weeks ago to give our employees the opportunity to travel more sustainably both professionally and privately.

With JobRad, our employees can lease a bicycle through in-factory and thus obtain a high-quality bicycle at favorable conditions. We want to offer our employees an attractive additional benefit and at the same time motivate them to do something for their health and the environment.

One job bike, endless possibilities: How an in-factory employee discovers new paths

Today we present two inspiring experiences from our colleague Felix Hoffacker, who makes enthusiastic use of the JobRad offer. He shares his experiences with us in an interview.

Hello Felix, great that you are taking advantage of our JobRad offer and would like to tell us about it. What have been your experiences with your new bike so far?

Felix: I would like to describe two experiences that the in-factory job bike offer has made possible for me. First of all, I would like to say that I enjoy cycling a lot, that I like to share this fun with my family, friends and children and that I sometimes look for a sporting challenge when cycling. For a few weeks now, I have had an in-factory job bike that takes the sporting challenge to a new level.

Can you tell us about an experience you had with your new JobRad that you particularly remember?

Felix: Of course! The first experience describes how I felt like having a coffee in one of my favorite cafés on a sunny holiday. However, this favorite café is located in Heidelberg city center and I live in the Vordertaunus near Frankfurt! So I set off from home early in the morning, ordered my coffee "a short time later" and arrived back home in the late afternoon. I wouldn't have managed this ride with my previous cycling equipment.

That must have been a great trip! Do you have another example of how your new JobRad has improved your cycling experience?

Felix: Yes, definitely! The second experience also revolves around my previous cycling equipment. As already mentioned, I live in the Vordertaunus region and like to cycle up the Feldberg in almost any wind and weather - as I did last weekend. With my new equipment, however, I reached my destination more than 5 minutes faster, which really surprised me, but also made me happy. I wouldn't have thought that better equipment would be so much faster and so much more fun!

That sounds like a great experience! Are there any further plans?

Felix: In any case, my first job bike won't be my last - there are cool mountain bike trails waiting for me on the big Feldberg - and sometimes it's down to the material.

Thank you very much for the interview, Felix! We are delighted that our JobRad offer has been so well received and used, and hope that many more colleagues will join us in the future.

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