Digital transformation with Informatica Cloud - in-factory as a pioneer for the future

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Our consultant Daniel Weber has been with in-factory GmbH for 10 years and has been involved in 6 projects in the automotive and financial sectors since then.

The digital transformation has affected all companies, and the cloud plays a crucial role in this. At in-factory, we have recognized the enormous potential of the cloud and are investing specifically in building a future team that specializes in Informatica Cloud Migration. In the following interview, Daniel Weber, our go-to expert for Informatica Cloud Migration, provides insights into our motivation and our approach to supporting our customers on their journey to the cloud.

Looking to the future: the importance of the cloud for companies

Hello Daniel, thank you for giving us an insight into our future team and the exciting world of Informatica Cloud Migration today. To start with, we would like to know what importance you attribute to the cloud for companies and why you see great potential here?

Daniel: In our eyes, the move to the cloud is not just a trend, but a strategic necessity in order to keep pace with the demands of today's market. The cloud not only offers the opportunity to optimize resources and reduce costs, but also enables us to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, we naturally want to support our customers in their cloud migration and transformation.

This is an exciting topic that sooner or later concerns all companies on the market. In addition to current market developments, are there also "personal" motivations at in-factory?

Daniel: We not only want to be technologically innovative, but also offer our employees exciting challenges and personal development opportunities. The cloud also opens up new ways for us to leverage our partnership with Informatica and offer our customers an even better service. But the most important thing is that we see digital transformation as an essential topic that many companies are not yet paying enough attention to. That is why we at in-factory are investing in our future team so that we are ideally positioned for the future.

How can we imagine the future team? And how do we ensure that all in-factory employees become migration and transformation experts?

Daniel: Our dedicated future team, consisting of ten talented colleagues, is the core of our cloud projects. They are fully committed to Informatica Cloud Migration and are currently acquiring extensive know-how through training and certifications with our partner Informatica. Both our colleagues and our customers benefit from this knowledge development, including through internal sessions for knowledge transfer. It is important to note that our core business will of course remain our focus, and we will continue to be there for customers who do not (yet) want to take the step into the cloud.

That sounds very interesting - what is the overarching goal that in-factory has set itself with regard to cloud migration?

Daniel: Our aim is to be a pioneer in the field of cloud migration and to support our customers throughout the entire journey to the cloud. We work closely with Informatica and offer our customers comprehensive support throughout the entire process - from system analysis and financing solutions to project launch and project support. With our team of experts and the practical knowledge that we will develop internally through the migration of an extensive PowerCenter framework and in our pilot project with a major German bank in the coming months, we want to ensure the successful migration and transformation of our customers and thus secure their future viability.

Thank you very much for the great interview! Finally, could you give us a brief outlook on what else is planned for the future and how you will continue to develop?

Daniel: Digital transformation through cloud migration is crucial for companies to remain competitive and fit for the future. With our dedicated future team and the support of Informatica, we are ready to fully support our customers on their journey to the cloud. Through close partnerships, targeted training and the continuous development of our expertise, we will continue to drive our vision of cloud migration leadership and provide our customers with the best possible support for their digital transformation.

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