Digitalization of the sales process for the leading car manufacturer in Germany

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Project description


Support for lead management through the prompt provision of lead information from various market processing systems. This is achieved by establishing a standardized interface format, Kafka-based preparation and enrichment of the information through the integration of various micro services. At the same time, ensuring an up-to-date and integrated customer database as the central source for customer master data.


The focus of the system is on the prompt provision of lead information for immediate further processing of the lead and thus maximizing the realization rate. At the same time, the accumulated data is used to build up and update the central customer database and its distribution. This is achieved through a Kafka-based process chain and the integration of various internal and external micro services, each of which consumes or supplies topics.

Core tasks

Provision of micro services and implicit mapping functions for integration with the central CRM system and the central customer database. Process control based on multiple Kafka topics and monitoring of the completeness and speed of lead processing. Ensuring reliability through multiple service instances (orchestration of the container infrastructure using Kubernetes). Ensuring the subsequent maintenance of the central customer database via the given standard interfaces (inbound through integration as a micro service, outbound through the use of an existing publication service).


Car manufacturer

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